About Us

Founded in 2006, The Action Company was created with one purpose in mind:  To get its clients into action by helping them to understand why they need to be in action, how to get into action but most of all what is preventing them from getting into action! Designed with women in mind and built on the premise that our self-worth determines our confidence which determines whether we pursue our dreams,  The Action Company was designed to help our clients realize what it is they love to do and show them how to turn what they love to do into their dream company.

Over the years we have evolved into a business and political development firm specializing in female candidates and a government affairs firm representing companies that make a positive social impact. And although our focus has become more specialized, one thing has not changed and that is our core belief that our self-worth determines our belief about ourselves and that belief determines whether we will set out to achieve our dreams and goals.

Whether that goal is to become an entrepreneur or run for elected office The Action Company specializes in developing our clients by building their confidence. We believe that once a person has a healthy sense of self-worth and confidence they can apply that confidence to whatever endeavor they choose to undertake and be successful at it.