Purpose Driven,

Results Oriented

From balancing family and career to self-worth to confidence, women who run for elected office face unique challenges; challenges that can often discourage a qualified female candidate from seeking political office.  The only firm of its kind specializing in female candidates, The Action Company addresses those challenges and helps women realize that in spite of any challenges they may face, they can run for office and win!

Driven by our desire to see more women have the opportunity to run for and get elected to office we take a comprehensive approach to developing candidates and managing political campaigns. We incorporate strategies that include confidence coaching and image consulting because we understand that a woman who feels good about herself is a confident woman and a confident woman is a woman who believes that she can win, and a woman who believes she can win will win!

We have established relationships with qualified life and business coaches as well as image consultants to address the lack of confidence many women who are contemplating a run for office might have.  We have partnered with service providers to offer services such as cleaning, personal chef, child care and other services to our candidates so that they are free to focus on the business of getting elected and are still able to take care of their families which is often the biggest concern for women who are contemplating a run for elected office.