What We Do

At The Action Company, developing skills to help you present you best self is our goal. Whether you are a candidate for elected office,  need a strategy for your business, or need a little help with building confidence, The Action Company team can guide you along the way.

We specialize in developing female candidates and entrepreneurs. In addition to building our clients’ self-worth and confidence, we address the challenges that women face when deciding to start a business or run for office. Challenges like familial responsibilities because let’s face it; many of us who desire to start a business or run for office are mothers, wives and employees. We connect our clients to a variety of service providers to help with day to day tasks so that our clients can be free to focus on running their business or working on their campaign.

Image Consulting
“You never get a second chance to make a first impression!”  We understand that most people make up their minds about a person based on their outer appearance and how a person presents themselves. With this in mind we provide image consulting for our clients that focuses on what to wear and how to choose clothes that flatter as well as professional hair styles and make up application.

Confidence Coaching
Although we feel that image consulting is critical in developing confidence, our main focus in on developing the inner image one has of themselves. We have partnered with personal life coaches to provide confidence coaching to our clients in order to build their self-worth and confidence.

The Action Company offers candidate and entrepreneurial training

Messaging/ Branding/Social Network Management